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What was the worst nuclear disaster in American history? You have probably been taught it was Three Mile Island, but that is not true. A much worse accident occurred twenty years prior, and it was covered up. Do you remember when the Soviets tried to hide Chernobyl from the outside world? I remember people saying that kind of thing would never happen in America. It did, and our government hid it for twenty years.

Watch this:

They did not revile this to the public, the public found out. How much longer would they have hid it? What else are they hiding from us? This combined what has happened in Japan, has changed my thinking about nuclear power. I don't trust governments or multinational corporations with something this dangerous.

It's also more than a safety issue. Have you researched how much we spend in tax payer dollars to subsidize these plants? We will save a lot of money and be much safer if we focus on building coal plants and hydro-electric dams.



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