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Of all the ways to combat collectivism, none is more effective than becoming self sufficient. One of the best ways to do this is by growing a garden. Not everyone can grow a garden. I live in a metal box in Africa, a garden is not option here, but when I am home I'm going to grow one. I'm far from being a gardening expert, but I do know a few things:

Non-hybrid seeds
One of the more insidious ways collectivists have gained greater control of the population is by producing hybrid seeds. Hybrid seeds have a greater yield, but they do not reproduce themselves like traditional non-hybrids. By flooding the market with hybrid seeds, seed companies like Monsanto made the general population dependent on their seeds. This has hurt small farmers particularly hard. I'll get more into Monsanto and their seeds in a later post. The bottom line is non-hybrid seeds will lead to much greater self sufficiency.

A Seed Bank
Another thing I highly recommend is buying a seed bank. This is a container of seeds packaged for long term storage. Our supply system is fragile, civil unrest or natural disaster would empty the stores in a matter of days. Even if these things never occur, with the current rate of inflation a seed bank would be a good investment.

Be creative
A garden is a great investment, if you can use the food you grow. My mom used to come up with all kinds of crazy ideas for using the garden. We had zucchini salsa, squash bread, and all kinds of crazy soups. I liked it; most of the food was pretty good. I also appreciated it more, because I had spent hours weeding and watering those plants.



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