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Those who have visited this site on occasion are well aware that I’m a very opinionated person. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day to express all my opinions. In an effort to express my feelings about a variety of subjects (some important some not) A give you a handful of short letters I never wrote but should have.

Dear Utah Jazz,

Your recent actions of reverting back to your old colors has offended my visual senses. Purple, blue green and yellow? Really? It looks like someone threw up a rainbow and you picked the red and orange out. Even worse is that you had some of the best looking uniforms in the league. I’ll still cheer for you, but I will have to wear a blindfold while watching your games.

Trestin Meacham

Dear State of Nevada,

Your recent decision to reelect Harry Reid has left me dumb founded. Being a resident of the state of Utah, I am deeply concerned about possible refugees and even worse the spread of ignorance across the state line. It is for this reason that I wish for you to relinquish the land that borders Utah, for the creation of a neutral zone.

You may ask, why doesn’t Utah give up some land for a neutral zone? We are not the ones that reelected good old Harry. I realize that this sickness has in large part come from your proximity to Californiastan, but we can simply not allow this to spread any further.

Extremely concerned,
Trestin Meacham

Dear low rider truck owner,

A pickup truck is supposed to be an all terrain vehicle. Your lowering of the truck defeats it’s very purpose. When it only clears a few inches off the ground it ceases to be a truck and becomes a car with a bed. The frustrating part is all the effort you expend on the paint job and customization. When I see a well done low rider I think that truck would be really nice if it had a lift kit.

Trestin Meacham



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