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The greatest problem with leftist thought, is that it fails to account for human nature. So many of the causes championed by the left (and some on the right) are doomed from the start, because they are incompatible with human nature.

The new push to end bullying is a perfect example. Do I like bullies? No. Would I like to see it end? Yes, but it is never going to happen. Bullies are as old as human interaction, and we will still have bullies in a thousand years.

My first thoughts were that the only reason this is being pushed is to advance the radical gay agenda. No doubt, the radicals gays are a big part of this, but leftists are always pursuing stupid causes like this. They will want to spend tax dollars on a PSA campaign to tackle the problem. They will also want to brainwash the children with special classes that have little to do with the task and more to do with making them submissive. They will try to pass laws that will ruin the lives of any young boy that displays any kind of aggressive male behavior.

Remember the war on drugs? How well did that turn out? Government cannot change human nature. Paul Pot, Stalin, and Mao all thought the government could change human nature. How did that turn out? I have a crazy idea! Instead of borrowing untold amounts of money from China for project that are contrary to human nature, let’s not.



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