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Normally, I prefer not to focus political squabbling. However, what has occurred this week between Rush Limbaugh and the harlot from Georgetown needs to be addressed., because something much larger is at play.

First, we need to deal with Rush. Why did he apologize? This is not someone who works for Fox News and has to play by their rules, Rush is his own boss. He did nothing wrong. I repeat, he did nothing wrong. I realize Rush Limbaugh is far from being the kind of whistle blower we need, but I thought he had more guts than this. How sad is it that the leading voice for the conservative movement is this spineless.

The Harlot
And yes folks, she is a harlot. This is not a lost little girl who made some wrong choices. This is a full grown adult who chooses to live an immoral life and is demanding that we pay for her promiscuity. She is free to do as she wishes with her own personal life, but that does not mean others are not allowed to point out flaws in her choices.

Getting past her lifestyle choices and Rush being spineless, there is something larger at play. This harlot, is an avid cultural-Marxist activist is a plant. Whether she was planted by others or simply planted herself, I know not. The Blaze is now reporting she researched Georgetown contraceptive policy before she enrolled.

She knew full well the policy before hand and enrolled. Then, she uses connections significant enough to gain an audience on Capital Hill and presents herself as a victim. This whole thing was planned to deliberately attack the policies of a religious school.

Religious institutions are being deliberately targeted by evil people, who seek to fulfill the Marxist dream of the destruction of faith in any higher power other than the state. I've said it before and I will say it again, they are coming for your church!



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