We Have Enough Laws

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Occasionally I will hear a seemingly well intentioned person utter the phrase: "There should be a law against that." I quickly correct them with the following argument:

Do you realize how many laws we already have? We have so many laws and regulations on the books that it is almost impossible for a normal person (especially in urban areas) to make it through the day without knowingly or unknowingly breaking the law.

You do realize that men such De Leon as suggested implementing socialism through gradually increased laws and regulations. Did you know the our beloved "Land of the Free" has a higher per capita rate of incarceration than any other nation? Think about that, the average American is more likely to end up in prison than the average North Korean.

Yes, I know the war on drugs has a lot to do with that, but this is much bigger. Let's say I wanted to leave my home and live out of my truck in the mountains. In my state the Federal government controls most of the land, I would likely be arrested or fined for homesteading on public land. If I wanted to start my own business, I would have to jump through an expensive and mind-numbing process of conforming with local, state, and federal anti-business regulations.

The whole point of this system is demoralize the common person. To limit their ability to rise above being more than a cog in the grand socialist scheme. Now, I'm not making excuses for failure and mediocrity. No matter how repressive the system becomes, we still have the God given gift of agency and can rise above any hardship, if we are willing to pay the price. Never the less, it is much more difficult than it was a century ago, and if we keep adding more laws and regulations it will only get worse.

I am not a Conservative or a Libertarian. I agree with both these groups on many issues, but I am neither. I am an anti-Marxist. On this issue, Libertarians are far less Marxist than Conservatives. Often, I see Conservatives say we need stricter laws. No, we don't need more laws, or stricter laws. As Reagan once declared:
Government is not solution, government is the problem.

You are not going to fix social problems with more laws. Can you not see that the more restrictive our laws become, the more lawless our society is becoming? I'm not advocating for an absence of laws, all orderly societies need laws. What I am advocating is that we only have laws which protect life, liberty, and property.

Our laws should not exist as a tool for the state to implement social engineering. This is nothing more than the state imposing their own form of morality; which in the end is designed to make religion obsolete. If you are a regular reader here, you know that the destruction of religion is one of the ultimate goals of Marxism. Whether they realize it or not, when a person argues for more laws, they are to promoting Marxism.



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