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As you can tell from the title, this will not be my typical post. Last night I saw a headline on Drudge that blew my mind. The Iranians have created an advanced human like robot. How is it that a nation ruled by backwards twelfth century extremists, are building advanced robots? I would expect such things from Japan or maybe Israel; but Iran?

When I was a child I was told that when I grew up people would be living on the Moon and have flying cars. It has been over forty years since the first Moon landing, and somehow we do not have the technology to return? The closest thing the American household has to an advanced robot is those stupid vacuums that look suspiciously like a Simon Says.

Yes, the internet and cell phones have been great, but I was promised flying cars. Now the little puppet in Iran is living it up with his new mechanical friend, while our robot is knocking the cap off of the leak in the Gulf. This is too much. I feel like Apollo Creed when he saw Ivan Drago hold his first press conference, this can not stand. I want a serious American robot by 2012. Is it too much to ask, that we be more advanced in robotics than Iran?

I found the flying cars! In Nazi Germany.... Great.... Just great.

I'm going to walk away from the keyboard, pick up a stick, and beat myself. Perhaps the stay of pain will bring me to some semblance of reality.



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