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Today, we Americans, celibate the birthday of our beloved country. The American Revolution is unique in the history of the world. Other revolutions have ended in chaos and tyranny. What is it that made the American Revolution different from the rest? The success of the American is inseparably connected to the character of the men who lead and their faith in God.

My faith teaches a special reverence for America’s founders. We see them as some of the noblest souls to ever walk the earth. We believe they were inspired by God to create our nation and our founding documents. I think this is one reason for Glenn Beck's focus on our founders.

The collection of men who came together in 1776 was unlike any other group in the history of the world. Many nations have had noble leaders, but America began with a collection of leaders who were giants among men. Here are just a few of the many that started us on the right path:
  • George Washington (probably the greatest political leader in the history of the world)
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Ben Franklin
  • John Adams
  • Patrick Henry
  • Thomas Payne
  • John Paul Jones
  • James Madison
These were men that held a wide range of opinions about the role of government. They came from a variety of occupations and backgrounds. Never the less, they set aside their differences and created something unique.

Not all of these men were actively religious. However, the majority of these men were devout Christians. The Marxist among us, have sought to paint them as deists that were apposed to organized religion. Nothing could be further from the truth. George Washington and several others were quite vocal about their faith. The Marxists seek to twist the truth about these men for two reasons:

Organized religion and Marxism are incompatible
To implement the ideas of Marx the state can have no competition. Allegiance to any church or God is a hindrance to an all powerful state. The utopia envisioned by Karl Marx can not exist without complete submission of the people to the power of the state. This is why they seek to paint the founders as irreligious men of questionable character.

The Constitution and Marxism are incompatible
As we all know Marxism is dependent on a state with limitless power. The United States Constitution is document that was created to limit the power of government, and protect the rights of the individual. The Marxists have been deliberately targeting and twisting the history of the men who wrote our constitution.

I think the traditional divisions of Democrat and Republican will vanish. There will be two main camps; those who want to follow the Constitution and our founders, and those who want to follow Marx and his disciples. We are seeing it happen now.

The reason America has lasted longer than any other modern republic, is our faith. Our founders came from different churches. They created a government which did not favor a particular religion. The Marxist try to teach that the founders disdained religion and did not want it in the government. The truth is they were men of faith, who did not want the government interfering with the practice of religion.

If Americans are to celebrate further birthdays as a free people. We must reject the irreligious aspects of Cultural Marxism. How we choose to worship is our decision, but we must turn to a higher power. The answers to America’s problems are not to be found in economic strategy or military might. The answers to our problems will come from the churches and synagogues. The answers will come from individuals and families on their knees. If we are to last 234 more years, we must be one nation under God.



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