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Unlike many of my readers, I am not a big fan of the Republican Party. I see them as a less corrupt alternative to the Democrats. I have this crazy idea that we should vote for candidates based on their merit rather than their political party. I'm not convinced the Republicans will be the white horses many are hoping for. However, there is something else that makes me wonder if November will be the change we want.

For many years, the executive branch has been growing in power. At the same time, the legislative branch has willfully surrendered power. They have done this to avoid making politically unpopular decisions, such as going to war. We have moved far from the checks and balances clearly set up by the Constitution. Indeed, it is very similar to what happened in ancient Rome.

As many of you know, Rome continued to view its self as a Republic, even during the most despotic emperors. They still had the Senate, but the Senate had no real power. I see us heading in the same direction, in fact, we may already be there.

We have seen the FCC defy the ruling of a Federal Judge. We have seen the EPA circumvent congress to enforce Cap and Trade. I would not be surprised to see an executive order granting amnesty after the election. I'm not sure a Republican Congress will have the power many think it will.

Ask your self this: Why do the Democrats continue to make outrageous statements and pass unpopular legislation? There are many answers to that question. I think one answer is that they know the real power is in the executive branch.

Is the November election pointless? No, it is a very important first step in restoring sanity to our government. However, I do not see it being the end of our problems. Our government has strayed far from its constitutional limits; it will take years to bring it back. It will take a President who is willing to surrender the sword to Congress.



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