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Anyone who accepts science as rock hard unchangeable truth is incredibly naive. The science of today has shown many past scientific ideas to be false. In one hundred years, much of what we now think to be true will be viewed as false. In fact, much of what we were taught as children is now as valid to science, as Zeus is to organized religion.

Marxists have been purposefully distorting science for over a century. The outright distortion can be seen in the dogmatic push to institutionalize Darwinisiom. If anyone questions this Darwin, they are painted as a backwards zealot. In other words, question this theory and you hunted down as an intellectual heretic by the Marxist driven secular church.

Those who have examined this theory with an open mind will find that it is full of problems. Lets examine a two of these problems:

Problems fossil records
We hear talk about a missing link, but it is more than a missing link. In fact if we relliy exclusively on the fossil record we find that every claim of every theorical claim of macroevolution has several missing links.
When Darwin presented his theory, he believed that future fossil discoveries would prove his ideas true. Many of the oldest fossils are surprisingly complex. Such early complexity does not fit a theory that complex life forms evolved from less complex life forms over eons. Over a century has passed and the supporting fossil evidence is still unseen.

The displacement of animals
The Darwinian theory of macro evolution is incompatible with the theory of continental drift. The popular model of continental drift tells us that our continents have drifted over millions of years. Most proponents of this theory believe that North America and Asia used to be further apart and are drifting closer together. Yet for some strange reason many of the animals in the western U.S. and Asia are the same. I was amazed how many of the same wild plants and animals that we have in Utah are also in Korea.

Darwin’s theories stem from the differentiation of animals in various locations. Under this theory, we are expected to believe that animals in Europe and Africa (which were supposedly once connected) differ greatly due to natural selection in different locations. At the same time we are supposed to believe that, the same animals evolved separately in Asia and North America? I do not have a fancy scientific degree, but I do know, that the chances of this occurring are astronomical. If we are to accept Darwinism as rock hard truth, we will have to throw out continental drift theory. The often ridiculed expanding earth theory is far more compatible with Darwin’s theories.

When we discuss the organic evolution, we must understand that we are dealing with two types:

This is evolution within a species. We can see micro-evolution taking place in domestic animals. It’s obvious that a Toy Poodle and a Pitt Bull have genetic variation, yet they are still the same species. Any reasonable person can see that micro-evolution is reality. The Marxist among us, have sought to paint micro-evolution and macro-evolution as being the same, just as they seek to paint illegal immigration and legal immigration as being the same.
This is evolution from one species to another. This is where the problems occur. We can see microevolution taking place in front of our eyes, but we see no substantial occurrences of macro-evolution currently taking place. We also have large gaps and inconsistency in the fossil record.

Marxism is incompatible with traditional religion, because of this; they have sought use Darwinian Theory as a tool to attack traditional religion. The truth is, Darwinism takes much more faith for a truly informed person to believe, than tradition Western or Eastern creation beliefs. The Marxists seek to hide our spiritual nature, painting men into being nothing more than material beings. They have to do this, because if we do have a higher spiritual nature, then there is likely a higher spiritual power, and such a power is a threat to an all powerful state. For this reason, the incredibly flawed Darwinian theory of macro-evolution is taught as irrefutable truth.



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