Being Busy

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As you might have figured out, this past week has been immensely busy. There is much that goes into starting a political campaign. As one might imagine, the red tape between the IRS and the State is enough to drive a rational person mad. Lucky for me, I just spent several years as a government employee, thus becoming accustomed to such bureaucracy.

My attention has been threefold. First filling out the proper paperwork to make this whole endeavor legal in the eyes both the state and federal governments. Second, I have been setting up the financial organization needed to run a campaign. Lastly, I have been setting up a website, which will be up and running tomorrow morning.

While this does not require the effort that is needed for a national campaign, I have to do this while living a normal life. I still have to make a living and go about the normal tasks of daily life. I do not have a paid staff to micro manage the affairs of the campaign. Never the less, I enjoy being busy in such manner.

Last week, a few of you asked about the Constitution Party. The Party is the third largest (in registered voters) and is strong in the South and Mountain West. Never the less, it lacks the national organization that the Libertarian Party has accomplished. The chances of Constitution Party candidates winning many national elections are slim, but in state and local elections it is a reasonable possibility.

Rather than rehash the Party platform, I will give you the link to read it from the official source: Constitution Party Platform

The reasons I decided to look into the the Constitution Party are many. At the core of it all, I feel what Reagan must have felt many years ago. He was until the early 1960's an vocal Democrat, but he could see that his party had lost its way and was going down the path of Marx and Lenin. As I look at the Republican Party of our day, I see the same thing he saw in the Democratic Party.

I wish we did not have political Parties. I believe the council of George Washington and can see the damage our party system is doing to the once home of the free. However, our current system is such that one needs some form of party to make any kind of measurable change.



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