Back After A Month Away

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I started seriously blogging over two years ago. At the time, the Tea Party was new and it looked as though it would become the uprising that could get this country back on track. Over the past couple years two things have happened that greatly impact how I blog.

1. I have become more informed. I opened numerous books from the writings of Marx to little known historical facts that have serious consequences. This study has made it clear that the problems we face today, have roots that go back generations and are much worse than the media would have us believe.

2. The Tea Party died. It is alive and well in organizational structure, but its original spirit of making serious change is gone. Don't believe me? Look at the two frontrunners for the Republican nomination. We have John McCain all over again.

Where have I been?
I decided to take a step back and sharpen my sword a bit. At first it was going to be a week then it became several weeks. I started by reading a few books gaining as much insight as I could, but then something happened. I was watching some old videos made in the 1950's about what they imagined the future would be. It was sad to see how little of their vision actually came into being. I thought about our space program. How is it possible that over 40 years ago we were able to send several manned flights to the Moon, but today, we are years away from achieving such a feat again?

I began to think of the ancient Anasazi and their civilization. The structures they built were amazing feats of architecture that rival anything we have today. Yet, when Europeans came into the area the local people were far from being able to equal such technological feats. We see similar situations in Cambodia, South America, and around the globe. There is a natural cycle of rise and fall for all civilizations. A few (such as the Chinese) have had ups and downs, but survived and adapted.

We are in a decline, and we have been for decades. We can see it in the moral depravity of popular culture. We can see it in our decaying cities. We can see it in our increasing debt and shrinking liberties. Most of all we can see it in our families and our relation to each other.

When I began blogging I viewed this decline as the cycles of Roman decline. They had highs and lows, but survived for centuries. Then I started to understand the stranglehold Marxism and globalization has on our society and began to see us like China in the early 1400's. Less than a century later the Mandarin rulers had turned them into a backward society while the Europeans went on to dominate the world. Now I'm beginning to fear we are becoming like the Anasazi.

At their height the Anasazi constructed an immense cultural center, known today as Chaco Canyon. Satellite images have shown us that Chaco had and elaborate series of roads which stretched to outlying settlements. This vast trading center surpassed anything in Europe at the time. The occupancy of great apartment houses of Chaco would not be equaled in the western hemisphere until early 20th century New York City.

There are many plausible theories of what happened to these people, but we do not know. We have found signs of violence and unrest. They began building their dwellings high in the cliffs. I suspect it was for defensive reasons. Something happened and it was not good. The Central government of Chaco vanished and the people moved to localized groups.

For the past two years I have been laboring under the illusion that we could (as the Romans) turn this decline around. The past few months have changed my view. Our systems (on a national level) have become so corrupt, I think we are past the point of reforming the systems. Do not think me to be a pessimist. I'm quite optimistic about my future and the future of my family and friends; but when it come to Western World and our governments, I am a realist.

Think local
So, what to do? Do we just give up and start building houses in the cliffs? No, but we need to abandon the fantasy that we can change anything through the abomination of desolation known as Washington (George must be disgusted by what that city has done with his name). Our countries is heading for a breakup. I know that is not what you want to hear, but we show all the signs of a civilization in irreversible decline. If you think that political change can still be enacted, I would suggest forgetting about national politics. You have as much a chance of overcoming the machine of corruption as you do emptying an ocean with a bucket. Instead, start focusing on local issues.

My focus will be simple.
1. Prepare myself
2. Prepare my friends and family
3. Prepare my community



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