The Fix Is In

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I wanted to refrain from dealing with the campaign, but someone needs to say something. Various primaries are being scheduled much earlier. As a result New Hampshire is moving its primary to ensure that it will remain the first. If Nevada moves it to December 17th, New Hampshire will be as early as December 6th. Am I the only one who smells a rat?

I've watched as Fox News set Herman Cain up to be loved in their last debate. After that, the debate dealing with just the economy (Cain's weakness) was put on an obscure cable network that most people do not have in their homes. Now, they are pushing to move up the primaries before his momentum dies.

This man is pure New World Order. The candidate who is an unrepentant former member of the Federal Reserve. The man who would like to bring back man who created the housing bubble, Allen Greenspan. The powers that be are doing everything they can to insure that their man is elected.

Folks, the Federal Reserve is evil. It is the reason our government has massive debt and inflation is making your savings worthless. They create money out of thin air and then charge us interest on every dollar they create. To pay off that debt, we have then print more money on which they charge more interest. That is perpetual cycle of increased debt and ever increasing taxes.

What are they doing with all this wealth? A recent partial audit of the Fed shows that they have given out 16 trillion in secret bailouts ; but Herman Cain said an audit of the Fed would show nothing. Even more they have exported 5 trillion dollars to bailout foreign banks who are apart of the BIS system. That should be enough for several people to be going to jail, but nothing is done. think about that, in the past four years $5,000,000,000,000 has been transferred from the U.S. economy to BIS banks. That is over 16,000 for every man woman and child in this country, the greatest theft in history. That is just the books they would show us! Who knows what else is going on? They have done more harm to America than Al Qaeda could dream of doing!

Now we have one of its members as the frontrunner? If you think the theft has been bad the past few years, wait until one of them get in the White House. With Obama we have Tea Party opposition, what happens when Cain is in power? Who will stand up to him?

Herman says there are no secrets at the Fed.

They are getting ready for one last heist before the system collapses. WAKE UP!!! If he gets the nomination, I'm done blogging. Why should I continue, it will be too late. All I'll be able to do is is prepare myself and and help others prepare for what is to come.



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