Useful Idiots Of The Right

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It is easy for conservatives to point out useful idiots on the left. We can see useful idiots in the OWS movement. We can see plenty of idiots in the environmentalist movement. While these movements are certainly tools of oppression, they do in theory have some merit. No one wants smog and dirty water. No one wants to see a handful of bankers and international corporations rob the public treasury. The problem is they take these problems and use them to create solutions that destroy our freedoms and increase there power. Folks, this happens with the right too.

The War on Drugs
Most conservatives hate what drug use does to individuals and society. It is natural to want to solve this problem. Unfortunately many on the right have been deceived into believing that the government is the solution. We enact all kinds of laws that violate the constitution to fight the war on drugs. A little tip on wars, if you cannot identify a specific tangible enemy or a reasonable objective, the war is one that cannot be won. This applies to wars on poverty, pollution, terror, and drugs.

The drug problem is not something that can be overcome with law enforcement. It needs to be overcome in homes and houses of worship. If we can not overcome it there, the government is not going to solve the problem. The government should only become involved when someone is violating the rights of another. I don't like drugs, but if a man wants to sit in his house and smoke a joint, it is not violating my rights. I don't like alcohol, but if you want to drink a glass of wine, who am I to stop you? As long as you are not harming anyone else under the influence, who am I to force you? They use reasonable desires to see such things done away, to trick us into accepting the government as the solution. Is it working? Has the drug problem become better since we decided the government could solve or control it? As everything the government meddles in and should not, the problem is much worse.

The War on Terror
Foreign policy is not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about the authority we have given the government within the borders of our own country. Think about all the freedoms we have lost since 9-11. In the pursuit of security we have allowed things such as the Patriot Act, the creation of DHS, and of course all the TSA nonsense. Are we more secure? If you think we are, I suggest you look at the situation on the southern border. Documented citizens are molested and treated like criminals, while millions of undocumented people have crossed the southern border. Let's be real honest, we were useful idiots after 9-11. Those who raised concerns about the Patriot Act and the creation of DHS were demonized as conspiracy theorists and unpatriotic.

When I had my run in with the TSA I was surrounded by useful idiots who thought that my standing up for my 4th Amendment right was crazy. I saw the looks.

Many were useful idiots in the election of BO. They ignored his past associations with Marxist terrorists such as Bill Ayers. They said it did not matter. Now we have a man in Herman Cain who is an unrepentant former member of the Federal Reserve and the Tea Party people who say they are opposed to the Fed, say it does not matter. They rationalize it by saying he is not a part of the bad things the Fed does and did and not know about it, despite the fact that he was chairman of the KC board. Just like Obama supposedly sat in Jeremiah's church, but did not know what was going on. If we buy into Herman Cain, we are being useful idiots as much as the hope and change folks were in 2008.

The question is, are we going to remain useful idiots? Will we keep embracing lies like a dog licks up its own vomit? Think outside the propaganda box.



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