Glenn, Is Back Strong

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As I'm sure most of you you already know, Glenn Beck began his new GBTV network this past week. I like Glenn, I differ with him on a few things, but if a person had the same views as me they are probably crazy. I have not been happy with Fox News since the Saudis became involved. If it were not for the Judge, Stossel, and Dobbs they would be as worthless as MSNBC. Have you seen Fox and Friends?

I signed up curious to see where he was going with this show. I thought about posting about it last week, but decided to wait a week and get a good feel for the program. If you like Glenn Beck, you will not be disappointed. It is better than his Fox show. He is not held back by the restraints and corporate sponsors as he was at Fox. Here are a couple clips.

Glenn declares his victory over Soros and Obama

Forgotten history: America's first terrorist attack

Overall, I give it two thumbs up.

I think this is an important development. If Glenn can succeed in this, it paves the way for others to break away from the corporate propaganda machine we call the media. It also give us what we all have been longing for, a conservative alternative to Fox News. Driving him away from Fox, may have been one of the most foolish things Soros ever did.



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