5 Reasons I'm Sick Of The Campaign

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As I was walking home last night, I took some time and looked at the sunset. I could see the sun disappearing over the Pacific. What a fitting symbol it was for our times. The sun is setting on America's day of power and drifting to China. Yet we seem to be focused in politics as usual. There are five things about the current Presidential campaign which are bothering me.

5. Conservatives fighting
Many of us have a favorite candidate, there are two that I like. Among many conservatives, Ron Paul, gets treated worse than Obama. What has been a united front of Libertarians and conservatives is in serious danger of falling apart over the way Ron Paul and his supporters are being treated. You say we can't leave because that will split the vote. If you believe that, STOP TRYING TO DRIVE US AWAY!

4. John Huntsman
What is wrong with John Huntsman? If I were to explain it in full detail, I would have to type a few days unceasingly without food or water. I'm not in a mood to die pointing out the obvious, so, I will sum it up. I believe he is the worst candidate to ever seek the Republican nomination. The nice thing is, I can say this without offending any of his supporters; I don't think his immediate family reads this blog.

3. Dirty Campaigns
Ron Paul's supporters attempt to find some kind of illicit sexual misconduct in Rick Perry's past, is inexcusable. Things like this are why a lot of intelligent caring people avoid politics. No sane person would ever run for a national office, because to do so, means you and your entire family will be hounded relentlessly. I like Ron Paul, but this is something that makes me think twice about supporting him. His response that he can't control what his supporters do, is not enough. He should have clearly condemned it as not representing his campaign.

2. The Antisemitism Charge
This is bellow the belt gutter politics. Just because someone apposes the Neo-con foreign policy does not mean they are antisemitic. If it does, then a lot of Jews are antisemitic. This is a perfect example of so called conservatives like Mark Levine (who looks like Ben Bernankie, but sounds like the Penguin from the old Batman TV show) driving Libertarians away. You think Preemptive war is such a good idea that you are willing to stoop to the tactics of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton? I wish you were half this passionate about issues much more important than Iran.

1. The Two Elephants in the room
We are fighting among our selves about how to deal with radical Islam and completely ignoring the monster rising in the east. The real threat lies within, but if you must focus on an external threat, I suggest turning your attention towards China. They own us. They grow stronger each day, as we grow more weak. Unlike the backward 12th century extremists, China poses a serious threat.

Our nation and the Western World as we know it, is dying. This is not a simple economic downturn, we are closer than you think to a very hard fall. Keynes does not work. I can not understand why the GOP and many conservatives are so determined to support candidates who support Keynesian economics. If you elect a Keynesian candidate, Hilary Clinton (or someone like her) will become President in 2016. It does not matter how nice a man may speak or comb his hair. If he believes in a Keynesian approach, the people will be angry with him in four years.

The campaign is an important story and needs to be covered, just not by me. There are a lot of political bloggers who are much better at the politics aspect than I am. This will be the last serious post I do on this subject until there is a clear nominee.



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