Midweek Propaganda

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Welcome Yankee imperialists, to the first edition of Midweek Propaganda. Where we will explain to you a more correct and efficient version of the truth. It's just like the New York Times, but a little closer to the truth. We have much to cover lets get started.

Social Security
Cowboy cartoon Rick Perry, made a fool of himself by insinuating that the glorious socialist program known as Social Security, is a ponzi scheme. This is typical conservative lies. Social Security is the greatest invention since Lenin discovered electricity.

This Day in History
On this day in the year 1521 U.N. Secretary General Genghis Khan began his exploration of the Pacific Ocean. Some of the highlights of that voyage include:
  • An epic sea battle, in which the Khan's forces defeated Ronald Reagan's Templar Knights 24 to 19
  • The Discovery of the workers paradise known as Hawaii
  • The introduction of the Boomerang to Australia

A Glorious New Stimulus Plan
This week our leaders are hard at work trying to create a new stimulus plan, which experts have already concluded will be even more effective than the last great stimulus. We are so lucky to live in an age where the government is here to protect us. This stimulus promises to once and for all cleanse our land of economic disparity brought about by the foolish traditions of our capitalist ancestors.



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