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When I was a missionary, I came face to face with the insidious monster which is religious intolerance. We see it manifest bluntly in our secular society, in the media and in our public institutions. However, it also can be found in faith communities of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

LDS people are keenly aware of this problem. While serving as a missionary in the Christian state of Texas, I was shocked at how much effort was expended by fellow Christians to attack our church. They would use the same arguments and logic to attack our beliefs, which atheists use to attack all Christianity.

I used to think it was because the ministers did not like the fact that we had no paid ministry, but then I saw that other groups received similar treatment. I even started to see it among members of my own church.

One morning, I was studying with a group of missionaries. One of the missionaries mentioned he had been reading a book which supposedly exposed the Catholic Church. He started talking about it and asked what I thought. I said it sounds just like the books that others use to attack us, and it was probably filled with half truths and lies. I then told him to stop wasting time reading that book and focus on the scriptures.

Why do we do this? Why do we tear each other apart over doctrinal differences, while we are besieged by a greater enemy? There is not a traditional faith that is not under attack from the forces of cultural Marxism. Yet, we strain at a doctrinal gnat, while the world shoves a secular camel down our throat. Are we really so insecure about our own faith that we have to attack others?

Some will point out that I am quite critical of Islam. I can explain this. I have yet to encounter a Christian, Jew, or any other religion that is beheading people in the name of God. I'm all for religious tolerance, but that tolerance ends when it infringes on the rights of others. You can worship Elmer Fudd and I will not say a word, but if you try and force (not persuade) others to follow your beliefs, then we have a problem.



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