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Everybody is still talking about ladder match between El Presidente and the Trumpster, which headlined Birther-Mania, featuring special guest referee the MSM. Suspended fifteen feet in the air, was a copy of El Presidente's birth certificate and the Trumpster's mysterious conservative credentials. At stake was the title of Heavyweight Phony of the World. Here is the recap:

The champ came to the ring among a hostel crowd, with a look of stone on his face. It was all business with the Reverend Al and the Czars by his side. Then the lights went out and fireworks exploded as the Trumpster made his way though the tunnel. In all my years, I have never heard such a loud crowd, as all the little birthers went wild.

The two men stood toe to toe in the center of the ring, trying to intimidate each other. El Presidente struck first, but his blows did nothing to the Trumpster who seemed impervious to pain. For the next five minutes it was total domination by the Trumpster. He set up the ladder and began the climb to get the documents suspended above the ring.

Then Reverend Al stood on the apron and distracted the ref by shouting racism. While the ref was distracted the Czars climbed into the ring knocking the ladder out from under the Trumpster. The ref turned his attention back into the ring, baffled by the fallen ladder and the Trumpster out cold, while the Czars celebrated outside the ring.

El Presidente, immediately took control, and the Trumpter looked done for. Indeed, in all my years, I've never seen anyone take such punishment! Then, El Presidente locked on his famous class warfare leg lock. No one had ever escaped it before.

The little birthers sensing the Trumpster needed their help, began to cheer. The Trumpter sprung to life, drawing on the energy of the crowd. He reversed the leg lock forcing the champ to break the hold! The champ was stunned, no one had ever done that before. The champ landed heavy blows, but to no avail as the Trumpster began Trumping up. He then picked up the Obominable object and slammed him to the ground. Sensing the opportunity he climbed the ladder grabbed the birth certificate and showed it to the world!

Kind of silly huh? So is Donald Trump and the birth certificate. Do we really want the 2012 election to be as ridiculous as wrestling? While every one was focused on his birth certificate:

1.China announced the end of the dollar and the Fed helped
2.We are fighting three wars
3.Unemployment remains high

But, you know, Trump is doing amazing things. How many jobs has he outsourced? How much has he donated to progs? Talk is cheep, look at his actions!

He is not helping the cause, he is taking valuable media attention from credible candidates. The longer the Republicans take, the less likely they will be able to win.



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