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Why do Americans care about this? Why do the British allow the royal family to mooch off tax payer dollars, living in luxury while the common people struggle? Why would any reasonable country still have a King or Queen? It's an outdated position. It makes as much sense as having a court magician.

I can somewhat understand the tradition thing, and I would have no problem with it if they were not living in luxury doing nothing. They should have to get jobs and work. There is nothing special about them, if Charles was born in a middle income family he would be on disability living in his mothers basement, chatting online with girls from Thailand. In fact the Queen should arrange to have William succeed her instead of Chuck. He might actually do something productive.

Even more boggling, is American's fascination with them. Maybe I'm mistaken, but didn't we fight two wars so we would not have to put up with this junk? We (of our own free will) are wasting valuable time and effort on this, while our economy is sinking to the bottom of the ocean? Are we this crazy?

Where are the birthers on this? Should they not be demanding to see whats her names birth certificate? I'm not sure if England has birth certificates, but this is an unreasonable conspiracy I can get behind. Yep, you heard it here first, Princess whats here name was born in Kenya. And, she is a Muslim! Why not?

If the world must be burdened with this, they should have at least made it exciting. It would have been nice if they had least a couple of surprises. Something like one of the guards is really Gaddafi in disguise. A fire or an explosion of some kind would be nice. I think you could tie that to Gaddafi easily. One more thing, they should think about replacing the horse and carriages with dune buggies.

Is this a chick thing?
I was watching Flash Gordon!



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