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I don't spend much time with entertainment. While most of the people I work with are downloading movies and TV shows, my hard-drive is full of documentaries. I am discovering that much of the history I was taught in school is a lie. I've decided to do a few posts dealing with the lies that are being deliberately perpetuated for propaganda purposes.

One of the first things I learned about WWII, was our mistreatment of Japanese-Americans during the war. I was taught that we singled out the Japanese because they looked different, and that we did not do the same to German-Americans. You know, because the people back then were evil racists. I have even been to the remains of one of the interment camps. I had heard the same story from multiple sources and had no reason to doubt what I had been taught.

About five years ago I was talking with my grandpa about being a child during WWII. He told me he could remember a work crew of Germans that were working a few miles from his house. Puzzled, I asked if they were prisoners of war? He explained that they were Americans but from Germany, and that they rounded up Germans and Japanese during the war. I told him he must be mistaken, we only rounded up Japanese people, everyone knew that. He looked at me puzzled and said: "Who ever told you that was lying, I saw it with my own eyes."

He is not the type of person to make up wild stories. I became curious and started looking for proof of what he told me. Sure enough, multiple credible websites verified what he had told me. I was a bit angry that I had been lied too. I quickly figured out that they did it to make America look bad, and spread the perception of racism. I decided to see if they did this to other Asian people. I have yet to discover evidence that other people of Asian decent were harassed or put in camps.

It was wrong to put people in the camps; and was certainly a violation of their rights. However, this was not racism. They did not round up all Asian people. They only rounded up people from Japan. Even more, they rounded up German-Americans. Yet, teachers and text books are teaching our children a different story, one where America is a racist society.



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