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There I was, Tuesday night, sitting in a metal box, in the middle of an African desert, watching a 1983 interview of George Seldes. Who hasn't done that? He was talking about his experiences reporting WWI, and the time he interviewed Lenin. Lenin, was surprised that Americans were so opposed to Bolshevism. He explained to Seldes that Bolshevism was based largely upon the writings of an American socialist.

The media and our public institutions would have us believe that Lenin successfully turned the crumbling Russian Empire into the Soviet Union by the power of the gullible Russian peasants. A few weeks ago I posted a speech given by Antony Sutton, who establishes the sad truth that the Bolsheviks were funded by Wall Street and large central banks.

On Tuesday, I discovered another clue which brings this into focus. Lenin said: Daniel De Leon was the most accomplished modern socialist and is the only one since Marx to add anything. Who is De Leon and why have most people never heard of him? I think because the truth is far to inconvenient for many powerful organizations.

De Leon was the man who's writings transformed American unions into Marxist institutions, and in the process inspired the Bolsheviks. He also created the concept of socialism masked as market reforms. FDR's Reforms were nothing but a modification of De Leon's earlier writings. Indeed, most of the market reforms being proposed today are right out of De Leon's writings.

It would be hard for certain people in power to deny charges of socialism if the public had a basic understanding of De Leon and his teachings. Unfortunately, we are being fed the fairy tale version of the Bolshevik Revolution. One where Lenin is a mastermind who redefines Marx and somehow wages a successful revolution with no money. Is it any wonder, so many think they can carry out their own socialist revolution with no money?

As for De Leon? In true Orwellian fashion, he has been removed from our popular history. His writings and influence are a far to inconvenient truth. After all he is the father of SCIU. The progressives would have us believe that socialism was born in Europe and never took hold in America. We are told that the Cold War contained it. The truth is, it came here before the red flag ever rose in Russia. It never left, in fact, it's power has grown.



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