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Over the past few months I've been witnessing some sad headlines. Across the country there have been numerous instances of groups of young people working together to rob stores and attack people. I think this is a combination of the depression's economic impact, and long term cultural Marxist impact.

It really begins with our education system and the media. Young people, are being brainwashed into thinking we are nothing but highly evolved super-intelligent animals. There is no right and wrong, those are antiquated religious concepts. I work with a lot of young people (some of the best young people we have) and I am horrified how many of those under 25 have a hatred for religion. It's been ingrained in them like some kind of reflex.

Add to this absence of purpose and moral foundation, a painful economic situation, and you have real problems. Many of the jobs young people used to do are taken by illegal aliens. Pile on that, the greatest depression our nation has ever faced and you have them pinned in a corner. Just like the animals they have been taught they are, many are lashing out. If things do not improve economically, it will get much worse.

What worries me the most, is what I am seeing in the ones I work with, even the conservative and libertarian ones. They seem to think religion is dangerous and needs to be stamped out. I fear that we have a generation of young people coming up, who are nothing more than robots of the cultural Marxist movement. I've made it no secret the disdain I have for the boomers as a whole, but this next generation has my deeply concerned. We need to reach out to them before it's to late.



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