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November 2012 is drawing ever closer and we are seeing the emergence of Presidential candidates Unfortunately we cannot afford to handle this next election as we have in the past. We need to make some real meaningful changes. With this in mind, I give you my voting guide.

Rule #1- Money (determining factor 65%)
Forget every the media and school has taught you about politics, the most important thing you as a voter can know about a candidate is how and who is funding and supporting them. When you understand this a lot of things make more sense. Politicians will say anything to get elected but once they are in power they basally do the bidding of those which fund their campaigns. Look at the promises BO made about Iraq, and how in the end he did the bidding of the central banks and corporations who pumped money into his campaign.

Do you understand what the Federal Reserve is, and Cain’s ties to it? Do you think Mitt Romney raised ten million in a single day because conservatives are crazy about him? Do you think a politician as cunning as Newt would speak out against Paul Ryan, if it did not help him lock the support of the most powerful lobby in Washington?

Rule #2- Track record (determining factor 31%)
This is where Trump ran into problems. He was saying a lot of nice things which appealed to conservatives. However his actions before he was a possible candidate did not match the rhetoric. Politicians are professional liars, regardless of the letter next to their name. Look at their actions and words before they started campaigning. Again I go to Cain, not only did he support TARP at the time, he still thinks it helped. He is a strong believer in Keynesian economics. Also known as socialism light.

Rule #3- Favorite football team (determining factor 2%)
Why does this matter? It doesn’t. It has no bearing at all, which makes it as important as the next two things combined.

Rule #4-Style (determining factor 1.5%)
He looks and acts like a leader. Really? Do you know how many great leaders were frowned upon because they did not appear to be what people imagined? On the other hand, some of history’s worst monsters were all razzle dazzle.

Have you ever watched a whole Hitler speech; 0r have you just seen a few sound bites? The sound bites we get in school and the media do a poor job portraying his abilities. We see a screaming maniac and wonder what people saw in him, but it was far more complex than that. During most of a speech he was calm. He would tell jokes and inspiring stories. The people were completely mesmerized. He was a true master of communication. However his actions were some of the worst in recorded history. Smooth talking means nothing.

Rule#5- What they say (determining factor .5%)
I’ve heard people say:" I really like Herman Cain he is saying all the right things."
Of course he is! He is trying to win your vote! He is no different than a guy trying to sell you a used car. Did Obama run on a promise of increased debt, never ending war, and painful inflation? People, did we learn nothing from hope and change? Who is Cain tied to? Who funded Obama? Hey wait, they are the same institutions. DING DING DING!!!

Candidates don’t raise untold amounts of money without the help of some powerful organizations. The question is, who are those organizations, and do they represent your values? If you follow my first two rules you will be right 96% of the time. If you go by image and rhetoric you will be deceived 96% of the time



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