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This week, a Detroit (Why don't we just give it to Canada?) jury decided that despicable Qur'an burning pastor Terry Jones, was guilty of inciting violence through protest. He was forbidden to protest in a permit free zone outside the Detroit Mosque. While I'm not a fan of protesting outside any house of worship, he does have a constitutional right, which is being violated in an effort to appease Islam

LDS protests

Every time my church has a major event, we have street preachers like Mr. Jones harassing members as we go in and out of the building. Are they arrested? No. Do we use physical violence to drive them off? No, we turn the other cheek and walk away, feeling sorry for them.

We have also received massive amounts of harassment from the gay community for our stance on traditional morality. On more than one occasion, pro gay protestors have been outside our temples across the nation committing actual acts of violence and defacing property. Yet, we are somehow the bad guys?

Military funerals
I'm not even going to type their name, because they do not deserve it. The certain church which goes to military funerals and harasses the families of fallen heroes. They are protected under the constitution, but a man who insults Islam is not? What is wrong with us? How did we allow ourselves become this mixed up and backward? We allow a church to torment families at the funeral of their loved ones, but will not allow protest outside a mosque.



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