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The word conspiracy has taken on a new perception in the age of the internet. When I say conspiracy you probably have images of far out concepts like the Alien abductions and government mind control. The majority of conspiracy theories, are just that, theories. However, just because lunatics tend to be drawn to conspiracy theory does not mean that conspiracies never happen.

History is full of proven conspiracy. The first world war, can be be traced to actions of a group known as the Black Hand, who conspired to kill the Arch Duke Ferdinand. A conspiracy is not necessarily an all powerful group with black robes in a smoke filled room. It is a collection of people working behind the scene to enact negative events which further their agenda.

I reject baseless conspiracy theory, but my mind is open to conspiracy fact. Anyone that has studied out the issues and events of our world, knows that there is much we are not being told. There is an international socialist conspiracy. The western world did not just magically become socialist, powerful people have worked behind the scenes to change our culture and institutions.

I wonder, if many of the crazy conspiracies are being created and publicized to demonize anyone whole seeks to uncover real conspiracies. You say something such as the U.N. is trying to take away our sovereignty, and many will roll their eyes and make a snide reference to a crazy conspiracy theory. Groups such as the John Birch Society are painted to be crazy conspiracy theorists. Yet, every claim they make can be backed up using conventional sources.

Does this mean we should all listen to Alex Jones and his guests? Alex and his crew are a bit over the top, but much of it is closer to the truth than anything offered my Fox or the MSN. I would not suggest that Info Wars should be your primary news source, but don't dismiss everything they say as crazy conspiracy theory.



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