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A few months ago I had an interesting conversation with a woman that was a life long Democrat. I asked her why she was a such a avid supporter of the Democratic Party. Her response in essence; the Democratic Party was against our wars of aggression. It is the party of the little guy and stands up against big business. Many have a similar view of that party. Does reality match the talking points?

Democrats and war
While George Bush was very active in perpetuating war, the Democrats have been just as bad and in many cases worse. Bill Clinton waged war on a varying scale in Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti. LBJ greatly expanded the Vietnam War. Obama has expanded military action in Afghanistan and greatly expanded the areas classified as combat zones of the U.S. military. While the merits of these campaigns can be debated either way, what cannot be debated is the fact that Democratic presidents and congresses are just as likely to go to war (if not more so) than Republicans.

Democrats and the little guy
Epic fail! When this depression (yes it is a depression) set in the Democrat controlled congress choose to bail out Wall Street, big banks, and a few international corporations. The heads of these companies and banks should have gone to prison, but instead, they were rewarded with billions of taxpayer dollars. Then, they and the current White House (through the Financial Reform Act) created a perpetual bailout fund for companies they deemed as to big to fail. Did you get a bailout? Did any small businesses get a bailout? Who paid for these bailouts? Oh ya, the little guy! In what parallel universe are they the party of the little guy?

My left leaning readers will respond with... But the Republicans did this and did that! Yes, you are right, the Republicans are a joke. What does that have to do with your party's misdeeds? Both parties are a joke! I'm going to tear into the Republicans on Monday, today, is your tongue lashing.

The Democratic Party’s deeds make the gulf oil spill look as clean as a hospital operating room. Your push for free trade on behalf of your corporate masters has robbed the little guy of what was left of the American dream. You can continue with your meaningless talking points, but, DON"T YOU DARE CLAIM TO BE THE PARTY OF THE LITTLE GUY! The fairy tale is over.



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