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I could ask the same question to a thousand different bloggers and get a thousand different perspectives and each one of them would hold significant truth. It's been a few weeks since I did an interview, and I could think of no better way to start again than by interviewing one of my favorite bloggers, Quite Rightly

TM: Why did you decide to use the name “Bread on the Waters” for your blog?

QR: Ecclesiastes (11:1) advised: Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. That image seemed to me very much like sending messages out into the vast Internet with no idea whether they would be read, or, if they were read, by whom. I hoped that I would “find” my messages again in the form of responses from Conservative friends with whom I could converse. That turned out to be a fortunate name for my blog: Here I am conversing with Trestin Meacham!

TM: What conservative thinkers and politicians have had the most impact on your world view, and in what way?

QR: Glenn Beck influenced me tremendously by motivating me to take a good look at the Founding Fathers and America’s Founding Documents. When I began to read Skousen’s The Five Thousand Year Leap, which Beck recommended, doors opened. The Founders built our nation on Natural Law, something we no longer learn about in school. Nevertheless, Natural Law is something we can all appreciate because it is written into the fiber of our beings. I also credit Beck’s encouragement, teaching, and projects to bring American patriots together for helping a great many Conservatives like myself to reach out to each other. In unity there is strength, as we know.

Among Conservative politicians, Sarah Palin is, for me as a woman, the role model of all role models. She makes being smart, nurturing, fit, successful, self-possessed, poised, articulate, conscientious, and incredibly brave look almost easy. Just admiring her virtues has a good effect on me.

TM: Who would you like to see get the GOP nomination in 2012?

QR: I don’t have that person in mind yet. Any reasonably honest Conservative who respects the American people and the Constitution as written, appreciates American businesses, and knows where to draw the line for American interests abroad would suit me fine, as long as that person has a good chance of beating Obama. That’s a tall order, I know, though it shouldn’t be. Of all the people who I would like to have as president, though, Sarah Palin tops my list.

TM: If you could change one thing about America, what would it be?

QR: I would return the teaching of pride in this country to American education.

Too many educators are turning out students who fervently believe that foreign corporations are run more honestly and humanely than U.S. corporations; that Cuban health care is superior to U.S. health care, that European countries have more peaceful histories than the U.S., etc., etc. It’s bunk, but they don’t know that, and neither do their teachers.

TM: Why do you think most people seem to be oblivious to the events that are happening around us?

QR: Staying oblivious is easy, and it can seem like the prudent thing to do because people who “mind their own business” don’t make waves and are left in peace by those who exercise power. Most people will naturally take the course that requires the least effort; preserving energy is part of the survival instinct.

It doesn't help that it is also not in the best interests of people who want to control others for those others to pay attention to events and then respond to them. That kind of exercise of personal responsibility would move control out of the hands of the "leaders" and into the hands of ordinary Americans, just as the Founders desired. As a result, enormous media organizations that are beholden to their political and economic masters offer Americans reports of events that have been carefully cherry picked to lead us in selected directions. For most of us, it is very difficult to pay serious attention to information that we strongly suspect cannot be trusted.

I've been reading Quite Rightly for almost a year. She does does a fantastic job. She knows the issues inside and out, yet remains one of the most humble and sincere bloggers I have come across. She is the essence of everything feared by the powers that be. Go check out Bread on the Waters.




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