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The Muslim world is undergoing the most profound change since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. From Algeria to Pakistan, people are taking to the streets demanding a change in government. The media is hyping this as a freedom revolution comparable to China in 1989, but they are missing the big picture.

The genius factory that is the mainstream media has once again made wild assumptions that fly in the face of any historic trend. Revolutions are usually a bad thing. In all of human history, the American Revolution is the only one that did not end up causing catastrophic misery for the common people. What made the American Revolution different was perhaps the greatest collection of brilliant leaders any nation has ever known, and the inspired document that is our constitution.

I've been watching commentators say that the India and France had wonderful revolutions. Really? How many souls perished in the Napoleonic Wars that spawned from the French Revolution? You think the Civil War between India and Pakistan (as a result of the Indian revolution) was a good thing? Most of these intellectual giants have no idea that India and Pakistan used to be the same country.

Many think this is about the people just wanting to be free. I have no doubt that it is a motivating factor for some, but it is far from being the driving force. Unfortunately, most people will in the end give up their freedoms rather than risk their lives. This is why the Chinese Communist Party still controls that country. This is why most of the Muslim world has lived under corrupt dictators since WWI.

Go back to my December post in which I made predictions for 2011. One of my predictions was that food shortages would create serious war and instability in poor nations. People will put up with all kinds of oppressive laws and corruption, but when you cannot put food on the table you become desperate.

Why is it happening predominately in the Muslim world?
I'm afraid that this is just the beginning. It is starting in desert countries that have little or no agricultural means to produce food. Most of these countries happen to be Muslim. As the food shortages get worse, the tensions will likely spread to poor countries with moderate agricultural yields.

What is causing the food shortages?
I'm going to spend three days answering that question next week.



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