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This past week I have been dealing with the threat of the homosexual movement, and why it must be fought. I have not addressed how we should deal with individuals. I think Sunday is an appropriate day to discuss this subject.

There are many outright lies being taught as undisputed truth about the nature of homosexuality. The media would have us believe that homosexuality is not a choice, and is not something that can be changed. The following are stories of homosexuals that have changed their lives and turned from the gay lifestyle.

We should deal with gay people with love. We should reach out and encouraging them to repent. Loving a person is not the same as enabling a person. If someone wants to change, we should welcome them back to the fold with open arms. However, that does not mean that we should enable them to continue in their sins. It is not love to support an alcoholics bad behavior. It is love to try and help them change. Many people that want to change are being spoon-fed the lie that there is nothing they can do about it, it is who they are. We need to do all we can to counter this lie.



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