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After 9-11 our nation united. We did not care much about Republican and Democrat, we stood as one. This week we have turned on each other, looking to place blame. Many, used it as a political tool to advance a radical agenda, which would never be approved without such a tragedy. They lashed out at three things:

These people will never stop, in their relentless attempts to destroy our freedoms. Sure enough, like vultures attracted to rotting flesh, the gun control supporters have moved in, to pick at whatever liberty remains on in this once free society. They know exactly what they are doing, and will stoop to any level to accomplish their agenda.

Free Speech
Of the three things they are attacking this one concerns me the most. They will fail in their immediate attempts to push further gun control. However the recent power granted to the FCC (by itself) puts in place the actuality of some serious internet controls. We need to be very watchful, I doubt the FCC will let this crisis go to waste.

Never-mind the fact that this guy was left leaning, the the Marxist dominated media has immediately used this a call to silence the dangerous right wing media. Folks I would not care if he was Obama's right hand man. Neither side should be placing the blame on political speech. This person was unbalanced end of story. It is not the fault of Glenn Beck (who is always pleading for non violence), or Keith Olberman, or anyone in the media. We don't need to change any laws. We don't need to silence debate on either side!

Sarah Palin took a large part of the blame from the Marxist Media Complex. Never-mind that there is absolutely no indication that he follows Sarah Palin in any way. The Marxist vultures that infest our media swooped in. In the past I have been on the fence with Sarah Palin. I like a lot of what she says, but was not excited about her track record. I'm not ready to endorse her or say she is my favorite candidate, but after all this, and the way she responded; she will have my support if she gets the nomination.



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