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One of my favorite stops when I’m getting my daily blog fix, is Down Under on the Right Side. He has a unique perspective from the land down under. He pulls no punches; as you will see in this interview:

TM-You have mentioned that you grew up in Africa. Tell us a little about that and how you came to be in Australia?
MK-I was born in Africa and spent most of my childhood in South Africa. I emigrated to Australia a few years after I started working. The main reason for this was wanting a better life and the fact that once the blacks were freed from apartheid, life for non-blacks changed dramatically. Few in the elite world will admit to it, but if you're not black in South Africa, your opportunities are limited, which is why many who could leave have left.

TM-What do you think is the most significant issue facing Australia?
MK-Socialism in one word. To be accurate most people here don't see themselves or our way of life as being socialist. Dependence on the government here is part of life and it's not frowned upon or inherently disliked. People here do not see that leaving government in charge of pretty much anything is a recipe for failure and mediocrity. Don't get me wrong, it's not like our government is good at anything, they are not, however Australians do not link government failure with the nature of government. We still believe that government can get things right no matter how much they screw up.

TM-You recently had a child. How has being a father changed the way you see the world?
MK-Having a child has sharpened the focus for me, the way the world is going matters so much on a direct level because I know that she will be living in the world that we leave behind. Fatherhood has made me also realize that we must not shy away or avoid stepping up and getting involved. Going against the grain or the herd is not easy and can make you unpopular, however it's no longer about me, it's about the next generation and that's what matters.

TM-What negative impact has the green movement had on your country?
MK-To be frank i cannot think of any positive impact they have had on our country. In terms of negative impact, the list is quite long in my opinion but I'll stick with a few main ones.
Bush fires - thanks to the green movement and the labor government that's beholden to them for power, much of the wilderness surrounding our cities and towns has been declared national parks. Because of this our rural fire service has a very difficult time conducting controlled burns around dangerous areas. This in turn means that when the wild fires do hit, they are out of control and have led to the deaths of many and destruction of property in regional Australia.
Water - thanks to the hatred of dams and reflexive rejection of dams that's in the DNA of the green movement, there hasn't been a dam built in the whole of Australia for at least 20 years. Because of this when it rains in this country and it rains plenty, all the water, not caught by dams built decades ago before the green scum had any influence, simply flows into the sea. The solution put forward by the left was to build desalination plants which have to wait for the rain water to go into the sea first before we can touch it and convert it back to drinkable water at huge expense. They call this progress.
Yuppie fascism - Australia is a huge country, however most of our population is concentrated in the major cities and towns. And many of the people living in these metropolitan areas are easily influenced by the green movement and the left. They then vote for the left who then get to pass laws and regulations that adversely affect regional Australia who have little voice or redress while the idiots in the big cities get to feel wonderful about themselves.
Affordable housing - thanks to the green movement, many of our big cities are full of nature parks and getting new land released for housing development is far too difficult. Over the years this has led to abnormally high land prices which leaves many people unable to afford a decent home in a good neighborhood in our major cities. To compare, a two hundred thousand dollar home in America would cost around twice or thrice the price in Australia.
Flooding - Just read about it at this link, the left and the green scum in this country have blood on their hands -

MK-What would you like to see change in Australia in 2011?
TM-Socialism in a nutshell. Australia is a beautiful country with good people, great weather and such opportunity. However we are stifled and confined by socialist ideology. In many areas Australia punches above its weight and shines, but in far too many areas we are simply mediocre thanks to government meddling and hindrance.
I would also like to see a change in the attitudes of people here, so far I have not seen a major shift in the way people view government or the eco-terrorists.
It would also make a world of difference if people in Australia adopt just one of the calls of the TEA party in America, that of limited government.

Why are you still here? Head over to Down under on the right side and check it out.



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