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Let’s be realistic, the new congress will not be able to overturn Obama-care. It does not matter how much they hype it, they do not have the majority needed in both houses, to override Obama’s inevitable veto. However, they could very carefully defund these programs. They can cut the money for a lot of wasteful and foolish projects. Here is my list of the top things I want to see defunded and changed:

HEALTH CARE REFORM- We need to defund this. We are already over 14 trillion of dollars in debt, with much more in unfunded liabilities. Medicare and Social Security have the potential to bury us, the last thing we need is a multi-trillion dollar socialist health care system.

FINANCIAL REFORM- The financial reform is worse than most realize. It creates a perpetual bailout. Remember how well the first bailouts worked? Not only can we not afford this, it increases the dangerously unconstitutional trend of the government taking control of the private sector.

DHS- The DHS needs to have their budget drastically cut. They are not only incompetent, they have become a serious threat to individual freedom. The new congress needs to legislatively reverse the dangerous trend of the DHS expanding their own authority.

THE EPA- Cut their budget in half! Not only do they do a poor job in protecting the environment… Wait one minute… If you are reading this and are part of the green movement, let me ask you something. Do you really think that a corrupt inefficient bureaucracy is going to make much of a difference? Why not give (much more efficient) state and local governments more control? We have a 14 trillion dollar deficit. Why not cut funding to an agency that is not working?

THE FCC- Do you really want the FCC regulating the internet? Why do we have a government agency acting as sensors on mass communication? Don’t you think those things should be free and open? It’s not as if they are doing a good job. Have you seen all the filth on TV? What exactly do they do, that they could not do with a reduced budget?

THE NEA- When I think of epic failures, I think of the NEA. Since their inception, we have seen a constant dramatic fall not only in academic scores, but in the overall level of education for the average American. Almost all the teachers I speak with, say they want more local and state control over the curriculum. Let the teachers teach the kids, not mindless government programs.

DEFENSE SPENDING- I know a red flag just went up in many readers minds, allow me to explain. We do not need to cut weapons programs, or cut military pay or benefits. We need to stop privatizing our military. Paying a government contractor three times the pay that you are paying military personnel, to do the same job, is insanely stupid. I did not realize how much we waste in outsourcing our military, until I joined the military. We could save billions, and not lose one bullet. We also need to scale back unnecessary overseas bases. Do we need 100,000 boots in Europe? Unfortunately, I doubt this will happen anytime soon. To many of the companies providing the private contractors make large campaign contributions to our leaders in Congress.

EXPOSE THE FED- Have serous hearings about the Federal Reserve. Bring their works of darkness to light. Expose them in every way possible. Only by doing this, can we get back to constitutional monetary policy, including having the treasury print the money without charging interest. This Congress does not have the power to end the Fed, but they can expose them to the public.

GIVE CONTROL OF FEDERAL LAND IN THE WEST, TO THE STATES- In my state the Federal government owns almost 70% of the land, not 70% of the public land, they own and control 70% of the total land. Not even in Red China does the government have this kind of power. It needs to stop; we are sick of Washington’s mismanagement. We are sick of the out of control wildfires. We are sick of someone in a far distant capital telling us we can no longer camp in areas our family has been camping in for years.

A BALANCED BUDGET- I would like to see a budget surplus, but will be happy with a balanced budget. The new congress needs to be stubborn about approving budgets. If the executive branch will not submit a balanced budget, then bring the government to a halt. I have money saved and would have no problem missing a paycheck or two; if, it means our nation will get its finances under control. Stand strong and don’t blink.

SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM- Most people my age grow tired of seeing ever larger portions of our paychecks vanish into a program that we will never give us anything in return. This congress should start the process of reform by increasing the age of retirement.



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