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My good friend of many years Parnell Tator has agreed to join me here and add his very unique insights. He uses humor as a weapon and teaching tool. As an introduction I thought it would be appropriate to do an interview with him. Enjoy.

TM- Why did you decided become a contributor here?
PT- You said it was a good way to meet women. That and I love making fun of libs.
We go way back, you were a big part of some of my early writing projects; this kind of brings things full circle. And, let’s face it sometimes you take yourself way to serious.

TM- Have you always been a conservative?
PT- Yes and no. On some issues like gun control and abortion, I have always been conservative. But, I did not become a small government conservative until I was in my 20’s and I started to notice how much the government was taking from my paycheck.

TM- Who would you like to see elected in 2012?
PT- I’m not sure yet, I’m not that impressed with any major personality. Anybody but Berry! Right now, my 35-year-old cousin that lives in his parent’s basement and wants to replace the White House with a life size Castle Grayskull looks better than most of the front-runners.

TM- Who is the most ridiculous person on the left?
PT- It’s like trying to find Waldo they all just blend together. I have to say Barney Fwank. How did a guy with his speaking skill, looks, and intelligence get elected? The people of his district owe all of us an apology.

TM- Tell us more about yourself and your background.
PT- I’ve worked all kinds of jobs. My resume resembles that of Homer Simpson. I like long walks on the beach, unless it has been destroyed by global warming or President Bush. I just want to keep my paycheck and pay my bills, with a little left over to help others that need it, our socialist government is making that impossible.



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