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This past year, the two greatest minds in human history (Barny Frank and Chris Dodd) sat down and created the financial reform act. What the media did not tell anyone about, was the behind the scenes conversations that took place. So, in a Parnell exclusive, I give you the top ten exchanges between the twiddle boys, while writing the bill.

10. Frank: We need to increase our strategic turquoise reserve; if we don’t, there will be no way we can ever hope to compete with the Chinese.
Dodd: The first thing my daddy taught me was you can never have too much turquoise.

9. Dodd: For the last time, get your hand off my leg!
Frank: Sorry, I thought you were Chris Mathews

8. Frank: “how much did that suit cost you“?
Dodd: You mean, how mean how much did it cost the taxpayers? Barney erupts into an evil cackle laugh

7. Frank: Chris do you understand any of this?
Dodd: Barney, strange things are afoot at the Circle-K

6. Dodd: Barney how did you get 500 pages written so quickly?
Fran: I just copied and pasted the stuff Goldman Sachs emailed me.

5. Frank: We have been working for 37 minutes, enough is enough! We are elected representatives no working middle class losers.
Dodd: Agreed, we should have had three breaks by now.

4. Frank: What if this does not work?
Dodd: We will just say it’s Bush’s fault.

3. Dodd: Make sure to earmark funds for our get away car.
Frank: Done! In addition, I’m also gong to earmark our get away Island.

2. Frank: It’s not enough; we can’t submit a bill that is under 5,000 pages. What if people read it?
Dodd: Maybe we should write it in Spanish?

1. Frank: What about the deficit?
Dodd: What about it? Both fall to the ground laughing.



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