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As you probably know, I feel that the fight against Marxism is one that must be won in every nation. My latest interview is with an exceptional Canadian blogger, Leonard Ebert:

TM- What made you decide to start blogging?
LE- It came spontaneously. I started my blog, so that I could participate in a SoCon "blog burst" project; I thought to make it an online column - that didn't really work, most of my blog posts are mere comments to other posts or to Life Site News releases, but there are still a few articles that were worth the trouble.

TM- What do you feel is the most important issue facing Canada?
LE- The most important issue is the social decay brought by the leftist social engineering. Family breakdown is common, almost every second child is born out of wedlock, abortions claim the lives of every fourth Canadian baby, the population is aging and after aging - you know what happens. Canadians are being taught to be ashamed of their European roots, of their Christian heritage and to seek artistic excellence and spiritual enlightenment in other cultures. Meanwhile, as result of that same policy, we have a growing number of people that not only fail to integrate into our society - they don't even bother trying.

It's the same social engineering that results in political power being shifted from elected MPs to unelected unaccountable entities such as "human rights" commissions and in Canadian sovereignty being surrendered to non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations and treaties, such as Kyoto. Fiscally, leftist social experiments have resulted in a massive public debt (over $1 trillion,) we have a looming pension crisis, rapidly growing consumer debt, while our infrastructure is cash-strapped and, in many areas, we just don't have the population to maintain that vast amount of land that we have.

TM- Why do you feel it is important to discuss issues of morality?
LE- Because it's moral views that determines one's fiscal preferences. Our opponents claim that we can't legislate morality, but in fact they do just that. When a left-wing politician calls for more taxes on those who make more than what's required for mere survival or when a hardcore environmentalist calls for a mandatory one-child policy - that's nothing but legislating morality. The question is then - why should we let them scrap the great moral values upon which the entire Western civilization was founded and replace them with their twisted morality which praises depravity and denounces virtue.

TM- Why is abortion an important topic for you?
LE- Because it's a great injustice that can't be allowed to continue. Because it destroys a baby that already has a beating heart, that has all of his organs already formed and functioning (even if most of them are disproportionally small,) that can feel pain and whose personality has already began forming. Because it cheapens human life, and it corrupts our society, while literally destroying a significant share of the young generation.

TM- Where do you envision the conservative movement in Canada heading?
LE- It depends on the direction that the majority chooses. We have a good example and a bad example. The bad example being the Green party which has been on the political scene for about a decade, but which hasn't elected a single MP or MLA. The good example being the Tea Party movement which achieved amazing results last year. I think, that makes it quite clear whose example the Conservative movement in Canada should follow. The question however is still - what direction will the majority choose?

Obviously, we can't look forward to have it all overnight. At the same time, a lot could be achieved with just one simple step - by merely allowing the people to leave leftist-dominated establishments (such as unions, student associations, self-regulated bodies etc). Why do you think the US Democrats or the NDP are so opposed to using secret ballot in unionization votes? Because if there's anything Socialism can't handle - that's competition.

When the Soviet-block countries couldn't withstand the pressure from within and were forced to open their borders, came the end of the Soviet rule in the Eastern Europe and then in Russia. So that should be our primary goal - to embrace and enforce people's right NOT to belong to any organization they don't explicitly wish to be affiliated with. If employees and students are given a free choice on whether or not they wish to be long to a union (and - what union they wish to belong to,) if parents are allowed to freely choose the right school (and the right schooling method) for their children, if unelected unaccountable public officials are made directly accountable to the voters - the left will lose its dominance at schools, on campuses, in the workforce. And then we could finally start rebuilding our nation.
The fight against Marxism can not be simply an economic battle. Cultural Marxism can not be ignored and must be confronted in the battleground of ideas. As you can tell Leonard is a strong social conservatives. Bloggers like him are needed in what will be a long struggle against enslaving influences of cultural Marxism.

Beginning with this interview, I will make the blog of the blogger I interviewed the featured blog in my sidebar. Last, but least, go check out Leonard's blog Stand Your Ground. It's a good one.



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