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It is almost over! Good riddance! What a terrible year, it seemed like one piece of bad news after another. It was a tough year for all freedom loving people. However, not all is lost, and not all is bad.

I think the slumbering majority are rising. The people are on to Washington and Wall Street. Fortunately, the building backlash is not limited to America. We are now seeing conservatism grow in other western nations. The shier mathematical impossibility of socialist programs is forcing many European governments to change their ways.

In our day, the myth of a socialist utopia is once again trampling the freedoms of millions. Though the Soviets are now a footnote of history, the seeds of Marx and his followers have taken root throughout the once free world. Many are so brainwashed by decades of propaganda that they do not even see how their schemes of wealth distribution to create a new world, are the very essence of Marx and Engels teachings. This is exactly how the long march was supposed to work.

Never the less, like all the evil schemes of man, this one is unraveling for reasons that their ego driven intellect could have never foreseen. In their their lust for more control of the people they sowed the seeds of their own undoing. The mass communication systems they used to spread propaganda, led to the very form of communication that has already begun to unravel their schemes. The internet has turned the world upside down.

Now the Marxist elite are struggling on vain to put the genie back in the bottle. Try as they will, all their deception is no match for the universal truth. The question is how much damage will they do in their mad scramble to enforce the mental illness that is their worldview? I think that is exactly what most of the events of 2011 were, the results of a wounded animal lashing out in desperation as the fear of death took hold. I think 2012 will be much of the same; we will lose some battles, but will move closer to the greater victory. I'll be here.



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