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Due to long hours at work, last week was a slow blogging week. However, a lot happened last week that makes me fear my head was going to explode. The most important thing (which that most did not notice) was our republic is on its deathbed.

The Constitution was shredded further when FCC voted in a 3-2 ruling to implement Net Neutrality. While this internet regulation is a horrible nightmare solution to a nonexistent problem, it is how they a have come to its approval which is most frightening. Earlier in the year, a Federal Court Judge ruled against the FCC exercising regulating powers over the internet. They simply ignored this and tried to go through Congress. Congress, overwhelmingly voted down Net Neutrality. Now the FCC, has decided to ignore the Judicial and Legislative branches of the government and do it anyway. Never mind that this is forbidden in the Constitution and only twenty-one percent of the American people think this is a good idea; they have decided they can do anything they want!

The Executive Branch is mad with power. If they are allowed to do this, there is no limit to what they can do. If they can do this, Congress means nothing. They are now ruling by decree. Amnesty will probably happen before the 2012 election. If the FCC can do this, what is to stop Big Sis from granting amnesty? What is to stop the EPA from imposing monstrous carbon taxes? They no longer need to go through Congress.

Many will scream that Obama is out of control, but this problem is bigger than one man, and has been building for decades. There are only two possible ways in which the republic can be saved:

1. The election of 2012
We need to elect a President that will give up executive power. Many Republicans role their eyes when I talk about Ron Paul. I realize that he is a flawed candidate, but I think we need someone like him. What good does foreign policy do if we are crumbling within? We need someone who will get us back to some semblance of Constitutional rule.

Unfortunately, none of the Republican front-runners resemble anything we need. I fear the first option is an unrealistic dream. Even if we elected a someone like that, I think he or she would be dead within a year. The powers that be, do not like the boat rocked.

2. The States
Congress means little to nothing. The states need to unite. Do you know who your state representatives are? Are they members of the Patrick Henry Caucus? Have you ever written them? You need to do this; at this point, it is more important than writing your congressmen. In fact, you should seriously consider running for some kind of local office in the next election.

How dependent are your local and state governments on federal funding? The states, will not have power to stand up to Washington until they cut their dependence on federal funds. This means your state and local leaders are going to have to make drastic cuts. The fancy new flowerpots on Main Street need to go. Necessary state and local employees need to accept cuts in wages and pensions, and unnecessary employees need to go.

I know people will cry bloody murder and the cuts will hurt, but it is needed. I will take a few thousand people (including myself) hurting, instead 300 million locked in a totalitarian nightmare. Do you realize what they can do with the technology we have today? They are no longer restrained by the Constitution. Folks... We are entering into some very dangerous waters. Ultimately socialism will fail here, like if has in other places. We will win. The Republic is not yet dead. However, that does not mean we will not pay a terrible price.



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