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The future is far to complex, with to many variables, for a person to attempt to predict in detail. Never the less, an observant person can see the writing on the wall and see certain trends developing ahead of time. Here is my feeble attempt to predict what will be in 2011:

1. The Federal Government will seek to counter the states rights movement. They will seek to gain greater control of the states and local communities by launching a series of bailouts.

2. DHS (which controls ICE) will declare some form of amnesty without congressional approval.

3. Inflation and the cost of living will increase drastically, especially food and gas. Some countries will dump the dollar as their reserve currency.

4. We will see widespread food shortages in poor nations. This will come because of global cooling, and environmental policies that are harmful to agriculture.

5. DHS will increase its influence and begin patrolling public buildings.

6. President Obama will move more to the center publicly and allow agencies to carry out the far left agenda.

7. There will be no war with Iran or North Korea, but tensions will be high on more than one occasion.

8. There will be many civil wars in poorer nations. This will come about for a variety of reasons, but increased food shortages and prices will be the most common factor.

9. The debt crisis in the E.U. will grow and a few nations will seek to cut ties.

10. Many governments will seek to impose greater control of the web, but intrepid people will develop new technologies that will make these controls impossible. More user-friendly proxy servers will make it possible to have more online freedom in nations like China and Iran.

I know, it is a grim future I’m predicting. Never the less, it is not the nightmare some foresee. I am sure I will get a few of these wrong, but it will be interesting to look back on 31st of December and see how close I was. Let us hope things work out better than it seems they will.



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