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The following is my first interview with a blogger from outside the United States. Australian conservative blogger Patrick Carroll.
His initials may be PC, but he certainly is not.

Why did you start blogging?

PC: Several years ago I stumbled across a local Sunday morning radio talk show. I heard a woman call up in relation to terrorists. She expressed her concerns about how badly we in the West treat them and that instead of killing them we should sit down and talk...Get to know them...Have tea and scones with them...Typical Leftist.

I was enraged and it's as though my conservative side finally broke through in an instant. I called up that radio station and had my say. One of the chaps on the show was a conservative and had a blog which I started contributing to, I've never looked back since!

Blogging is a life saver to me and being a conservative, it gives me a voice which I otherwise wouldn't have.

TM: What are some similarities you have noticed between America and Australia?

PC: There is a mutual affection that we have for each-other in general terms and of course we are iron-clad allies in times of war.

Our western Christian based society and values are very similar if not the same.

Having lived in Jersey/NYC for several years I would say that when one gets past the introductions, we are very similar people at heart...Most of our differences are surface level and cosmetic, at least that was my experience first hand. Both countries are filled with kind, hard working, loyal and patriotic people. And of course both countries have the lunatic Leftists to deal with as well!

Oh and something else...Our MSM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

TM: What do you think is the most significant issue facing Australia?

PC: I would say that the apathy and ignorance of the average Australian voter is our biggest problem in this country. The fact that we have an insane radical Socialist in Julia Gillard who is masquerading as our Prime Minister is the result of that apathy and ignorance.

TM: What will it take for conservatives to gain more influence there?

That's a really good question because over here, people tend to be pretty laid back and casual about life in general. It takes a lot to fire us up but man let me tell you, once we lose it we lose it big time. We have just had a state election here in Victoria and booted the Leftists out...And my home state of Victoria is the most Left wing leaning state in the nation! This fills me with hope about the future but there is still a long way to go. Next we must kick the Leftists in Canberra back to the stone age.

I strongly believe that conservative Aussie blogging is the way to get through to people and to gain more influence. We are the ones who tell the truth and we are the ones that are not afraid to speak out. We are blessed with the amazing power of the internet and many of us are using that power to gain the upper hand politically and otherwise.

TM: Many American conservatives have enjoyed listening to English conservatives, Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage. Is there a conservative leader in Australia that we should be watching?

Look out for Tony Abbott, the federal conservative opposition leader in this country who nearly won the last federal election. He is the hope of the side in conservative federal politics here and will hopefully be the next Prime Minister of Australia. Abbott single-handedly brought the Liberal Party back from the brink of doom a year or so ago by appealing to the silent majority of conservatives with his sensible and rational values. Abbott stopped the vile infestation of Leftism which had seeped into the party ever since the mighty John Howard lost power in 2007 (yes, over here the conservative party is called "The Liberal Party", or more affectionately, it's referred to as "The Libs").

TM: If you could change one policy of your government, what would it be?

PC: Compulsory voting.

Patrick's blog It's a matter of opinion is one of my favorite stops. He is a true conservative in every sense of the word.

I feel that conservatives of all nationalities should support each other. If that had happened in 1917, millions of people may not have died under the Marxist slaughter that was the 20th century.




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