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For many months, my mind has been constantly thinking of all the problems in the world, and the driving factor is behind them. We see militant Islam reeking havoc with acts of terror. We see governments on the verge of collapse due to debt. We see our freedoms ebbing away in the name of the supposed greater good. Nevertheless, none of these is the problem. They are visible symptoms of the real disease.

Militant Islam
No great power is from conquered without, unless they are first conquered from within. Many have noticed the declining Western birth rates and the demographic advantage of Islam. While many factors are contributing to the decline, the primary reason is the decline of traditional religion and the family. Marxist, through mass media and government legislation, sought to replace the family and God with an all-powerful state.

I do not condone the tactics of terrorism. However, I think that our moral decline is a large portion of why this is happening. Our main export is our media, which is usually crude and violent. Hollywood portrays America as something it is not. I can understand why many in the Muslim world would not want to be more Western, when they see things like Britney Spears and Madonna kissing. If we are to overcome the tide of Islam, we must cure the cancer that has weakened us from within.

World Hunger
I am not going to dance around; I am just going to tell it like it is. The U.N. is a Marxist organization, and its real purpose is to promote global socialism. Argue with me on this, I dare you. I could unload an entire library of evidence to support my assertion.

The U.N. has looked the other way, and often been apart of many corrupt governments stealing from starving people. Remember the oil for food program? Do you know what they did to the free people of Katanga? Through the World Bank, they charge untold amounts of money to poor nations for loans. Thus creating a perpetual state of poverty, which they blame on the greedy Western nations, especially America.

Drug Trade
Collectivists have purposefully sought to increase drug use in the West. Increased drug use advances their agenda by dumbing down the population. It also creates a need for more laws and more government intervention. I think it is their end plan to use drugs to make people into slaves of the state.

Economic Collapse
Look at Europe. The nations of the E.U. are in economic fall, because their governments have over reached. However, it is not just Europe, the mess that is Greece and Ireland will soon be here. Instead of banding together and making the needed sacrifices, the people are in a fit of rage demanding their government handouts. Marxism has destroyed the soul of most European nations, and is destroying ours.

Do you remember when President Bush claimed, that we had to abandon capitalism, to save it? Umm… NO! CLOWARD AND PIVEN! CLOWARD AND PIVEN! They are purposefully collapsing the system with Keynesian economics. They are doing this so that foolish people will embrace socialism.

The real disease is the soul-destroying force of Marxism. All of these problems (and many more) are such due to Marxist influence. We need to stop treating the symptoms and cure the disease. Americas greatest enemies are not hiding in some remote cave, they are among us.



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