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For much of the past two years our government has far exceeded its constitutional limitations. Almost every area of the monster we call Washington (poor George is rolling in his grave) has operated far outside the limits of the Tenth Amendment. However, three bureaucracies have been particularly detrimental to individual liberty and the future of our great republic.

The Environmental Protection Agency has become a front group for the global Marxists agenda. Not only do they pursue a highly questionable policy aimed at tackling global warming; every solution they propose revolves around restricting individual rights.

Their push for a cap and trade system, has the potential to bring an already faltering petroleum based economy to its knees. However, their agenda is far more dangerous than high unemployment and burdensome taxes; they are pushing reforms that would drastically impair our agricultural industry. We can disagree about foreign policy and personal liberty, but our food supply should not be used for social experiments. Stalin, Mao, and Paul Pot conducted similar experiments on their populations, which wielded devastating consequences. When will we learn from history?

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press will die if we allow the FCC to accomplish their agenda. The internet has them frightened. The Marxist horde is threatened by the rise of the conservative/libertarian media. No longer do they control all that we see and hear. They see what China has done to the web and dream of a similar system here.

They are first trying to accomplish this by creating an imaginary threat of internet providers limiting consumer’s internet freedoms. This has not been a problem; and anyone who understands the free market knows it will never be a serious problem. To fix this imaginary problem, they are creating a potential dreadful problem, of an internet tightly controlled by an already out of control government. They will say that the controls will be limited, but once they have their foot in the door, they will slowly increase their powers.

If they fail to gain control through the means of Net Neutrality, they will use other means. I have already spoken about the coming danger of the government regulating broadcast internet. With the right judge, the FCC could pull it off, but only if we allow them to pursue such a course.

Perhaps the most frightening of this Axis of Tyranny is the DHS. They have become the civilian national security force that many felt Obama would create. Just look at the agencies that fall under the control of DHS. Their power is beyond frightening. If Marshal Law were to be declared, DHS would have powers exceeding those of the Gestapo.

They are already (through TSA and other agencies) placing serous restrictions on personal liberty with plans to expand those restrictions. They look the other way while millions of undocumented people flow over our southern border; and at the same time, make documented people suffer gross indignities at the airports.

While there are other agencies and departments that are doing harm, I think these three are the worst in our actual government. None of these three agencies has any constitutional basis, yet they operate with impunity, thanks to a submissive rubber stamped congress. Only the people and the states can stop them. Only a return to the Tenth Amendment can reverse our free-fall into the abyss of tyranny.



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