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Hunting is a part of the culture where I am from. Most people have some kind of deep freeze, and they are often stocked with elk or deer meat from the hunts. My grandpa was a government trapper in the 60’s and uncles and cousins have been on hunting trips all over North America. I began hunting early, and have killed just about everything from a dove to a cougar.

When I was younger, I wanted to get all kinds of trophies. As I get older, I could care less about that. Now I see hunting as a great way to get away from things and enjoy the mountains. It is also a good way to be prepared and more self-reliant. It was rare thing for us to buy meat at the store.

The past century of Marxist policy and propaganda has had a deep impact on hunting. In media hunters and hunting have been demonized for years. Remember who shot Bambi’s mom? You think they were not trying to manipulate children? Remember, the last thing a collectivist minded person wants, is for individuals to have the ability to provide for themselves. For years, extremist animal rights and environmental groups have been slowly ebbing away the common person’s ability to hunt.

They have even placed extremely unnecessary limitations on hunting predators, such as cougars. They buy up tags so that only a handful of hunters ever have the opportunity to hunt one. Why would they want to protect predators? They are crazy; it is part of their worship of Mother Gaia.

Before we go any farther, I want to dispel the myth that the cougar is threatened or endangered. The North American Cougar is thieving as never before. In fact, they are so numerous that they have been killing livestock and pets in the Western States for years. People rarely see cougars because that is their nature, they like to see, but not be seen. If you know what to look for, you can see signs of them all over. In fact, it would shock people if they knew how often they were being watched by a cougar.

Hunting does more than provide people with fresh meat. It makes them knowledgeable of local terrain and teaches valuable survival skills. When I was going through combat training before coming here; the Drill Sergeant with our unit was amazed at all the things I was spotting that no one else noticed. I am no super human, it was just was something that was taught to me from a young age.

The same would be tyrants that want to take away our guns, also fear people with these kinds of skills. I think that is why DHS has declared war on veterans. If we are to avoid slipping into a totalitarian nightmare, we need to protect hunters. Protecting hunting may prove as valuable as protecting handgun rights.



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