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The internet has given a rise to the spread of sane logical thought. This Saturday myself and some other conservative bloggers found a new way to share our logic.

Friday night (morning for you), I was chatting with fellow blogger The Woodsterman on Facebook. He had the brilliant idea of inviting other conservative bloggers for a chat session. In less than 24 hours, we put together our own chat group and invited 18 other bloggers to join us. Due to short notice, not everyone could be there, but a bunch of us made it.

We talked about politics and got to know each other more. We all agreed it was a good idea and decided to make it a weekly occurrence. This is just one more thing to keep the Marxists up at night. Unfortunately, due to a internet outages, I kept dropping out. If you are a conservative blogger with a Facebook account you are welcome to join us. I think this is going to take off.

You may be wondering what the image of the truck has to do with this. Nothing; I just thought it was a really cool truck.



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