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To my knowledge, no other nation celebrates our Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe a few obscure micro-nations, but they do not count. Canada, celebrates Columbus Day as their Thanksgiving. Not only is the date uniquely American, but so is the concept of the celebration. Ours is a celebration rooted in freedom of worship, yet is encompassing enough to embrace those with no religious inclinations.

The traditional meal and the activities surrounding are uniquely American. From the turkey and pumpkin pie, to rooting against the Cowboys, (sorry Cowboys fans, but most people do hate your team) it is part of what makes us different in so many ways.

It’s 8:30 in the morning as I write this, and I’m already sweating, but I have much thankfulness. Here are a few things in no particular order:
  • A personal relationship with my Father in Heaven
  • Good food and AC
  • American football
  • The wonderful place I grew up and the good people there.
  • A healthy body and sound mind
  • The God given rights named in the Constitution
  • My family
  • The good people I have met through this site
I hope each of you have a great Thanksgiving (even Cowboys fans)

Having most people hate your team may not be a bad thing. How many people do you know that hate the L.A. Clippers?



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