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No one can predict the future with perfect accuracy, especially when complex human variables are at play. Unless you are new here, you know that I know what I am talking about when it comes to Korea. I will only discuss what any informed individual could discover for themselves through conventional means. I have heard the talking heads in the media going back and forth this week like blithering idiots. I’m no longer there, so I'm going to add some intelligent prospective on the matter.

We do not have a North Korean problem
What is happening on the Korean Peninsula is bigger than North and South. It is bigger than Kim Jong-il. Like the 1950’s, Korea is a front for a new cold war between the U.S. and China. North Korea would not exist without Chinese support. We do not have a North Korean problem, we have a Chinese problem.

What Charles Krauthammer needs to understand
The next great truth I will reveal is in response to something Charles Krauthammer said. Mr. Krauthammer proposed that we should arm the South with nuclear weapons. South Korea is not our colony, nor is it our satellite state; it is completely sovereign state. If the South wanted to have nuclear weapons, they would have already developed or began the process of developing such weapons. I cannot figure out why he thinks nuclear proliferation would benefit anyone. Mr. Krauthammer has written and said many brilliant things, but this was not one of them. WE SHOULD NOT OUTSOURCE OUR NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

Why is the North doing this?
North Korea is not a nation full of Islamic extremists that embrace death. Like the Soviets of old, they are very interested in self-preservation. There are many reasons for what they are doing now, but one stands out in my mind. I think that the recent attack has a lot to do with securing succession. Mr. Kim does not seem to be in the best health, and is getting ready to pass leadership to his son. However, there is some division in their government over who should succeed Mr. Kim. Many feel he is doing this to unite the nation. Nations tend to unite when faced with an outside threat.

The North knows that an all out war with the South and its allies would not be wise. I do not think they would risk an invasion, unless they had assistance from China. They simply do not have the industrial or military might to defeat the south by themselves. I know this will raise a few eye brows, but I think less is more. Kim wants a hard response from the South, or even better, an America response. He needs it to unite his nation during the succession. Let’s not play into his hands, as we have the terrorists.



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