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Without the internet, the Tea Party movement would not have gained enough power to make any form of substantial change. No longer is all information controlled by a handful of intellectual. Now this freedom is beginning to manifest its influence in ways few ever imagined. Libertarians and Conservatives are challenging a century of institutional Marxism. I think this is the real reason for the net neutrality push. It is also the reason for another push that no one is noticing.

In September the FCC approved plans to use the white space formerly occupied by analog TV signals to broadcast wireless internet. Companies such as Google have praised this recent move, which many feel will increase overall bandwidth. It will be particularly beneficial in rural areas where internet options are limited. A friend of mine who works in this field told me that it technology may be a few years out.

Now for the downside: This will turn the internet into a publicly broadcast medium. Such a change could give the FCC power to control and regulate internet content. Remember the FCC is an extension of the executive branch, and we all know what he has said about too much information. At the very least, they will use this to increase taxes on the internet. Like cheese in a mousetrap, they are using the promise of increased bandwidth to lure us in.

To my knowledge, I am the only one that has connected the dots on this one. Am I paranoid? Yes, but that does not mean they are not out to get us. Could you have imagined five years ago that we would be facing groping and naked body scanners at the airports?

Writings such as the Communist Manifest and Rules for Radicals, are declarations of war on freedom loving people throughout the world. In war the first thing you seek to nullify is the enemies ability to communicate. Without the ability to communicate, it is impossible to mount any form of serous resistance. They want to transform our wide-open internet into a tightly controlled medium similar to what is in China



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