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According to a recent Gallup poll, conservatives now outnumber liberals two to one. The 42% of Americans that identify themselves as conservative, was the highest since the inception of such a poll in 1992.

So why are the liberals in power? In many ways they have outsmarted us. Their numbers are half what we have, but they have significant numbers in certain key demographics:

Lawyers and judges
Less than 20% of Americans identify themselves as liberals, but the number is much higher among those that practice law. This is why our legal system has become dangerously ineffective. This is why we have abortion on demand, despite most Americans being opposed to the such evils.

There are many good conservative teachers, but the majority are left leaning, especially in higher education. Teachers unions are structured to reward leftist educational policies.

Have you watched the evening news, or read the New York Times? I don't think I need to explain this one. The MSN is joke!

We have the numbers; we just need to use our numbers in more effective ways. We need more conservatives in the classroom. We need to take over the MSN, not just compete with it. We need common sense in our legal system. If you are thinking of changing carriers, or are a young person that wants to make a difference, I would suggest one of these three areas. Elections and politicians will come and go, but strength in these areas will have lasting constant impact.



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