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Another week of hope and change is behind us. We still have a long way to go, but we will make. The spill in the gulf has become worse than imagined and Australia has a new Prime Minister. As always feel free to share other important news stories in the comments.

Some kind of soccer thing happening?
There is some kind of soccer thing going on in Africa somewhere. I really know little about this. As an American I feel it is my duty to reject the metric system and soccer. I just hope that the fans do not riot because they are bored to death.

Paul McCartney is a fool
I'm a Beatles fan. No group will ever be able to match the diversity of music they produced. Unfortunately Paul McCartney is tarnishing his own legacy. His recent public statement that global warming skeptics are the same as Holocaust deniers is beyond offensive. In his warped drug damaged mind I am the same as the dictator of Iran. To believe in global warming is one thing, but to label anyone who disagrees as a Holocaust denier is different. I'm sick of imbecile celebrities wasting society’s valuable time speaking as experts on subject they know nothing about.

Australia gets a new Prime Minister
Julia Gillard has been sworn in to replace ousted Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Because as Gillard and Rudd are members of the same party, few experts expect any major policy shifts. Gillard is the first female Prime Minister in Australian history. If we were to classify her politics by American standards, she would be considered far left.

G-20 Summit in Toronto
The G-20 summit begins this weekend. Security measures have been severe. I can understand the security; many violent left wing protesters have caused serious problems in past summits. I am no fan of the G-20 or globalization, but I condemn these violent protests. I'm a big fan of the nonviolent tactics of Gandhi and Dr. King. Violence is always a last resort.

Raining oil in Louisiana
Video has surfaced showing what appears to be rain with oil. Some are theorizing that the chemical dispersant Corexit 9500 is allowing the oil to exists in a gas form. My fear was that a hurricane would suck up the oil and rain down on crops. This (if true) is much worse. We see no end to this spill, if it is beginning to rain oil, the agricultural industry of the Southeastern states will likely be devastated. IT IS TIME TO STOCK UP ON FOOD. It's also time to get BP and DHS out of there. We need to turn this operation over to the Navy and Army Core of Engineers.

Korean War 60th anniversary
Here in Korea both the North and South are commemorating the beginning of the Korean War. The war devastated both the North and South. It also saw many causalities from a multitude of nations, with the United States and China suffering the most of any foreign powers. Although the conflict has stopped except for an occasional incident, the war never officially ended. There was no peace treaty, only an armistice agreement. The North has recently withdrawn from that agreement.

I have begun a couple of groups on Facebook:

Marxism is poison
: a group that exposes the evils of Marxism

American Foundations
: A group dedicated to increasing knowledge of our founding fathers, and the beginning of our nation.

The Kraveckan Republic
: A protest micro-nation dedicated to small government. I want this to be a place where conservative bloggers can share links to their posts. Feel free to join and post as many links as you wish. All I ask, is that you keep the content PG.

I leave you with this, because we could all use a good laugh.



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