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Even the liberal media is acknowledging how bad things have become on the border. Like the ancient Romans we are leaving our borders open to foreign invaders. Just as the Gauls raided Roman towns, the Mexican drug cartels are terrorizing our border states. Will we learn from the mistakes of the past, or will we (as lemmings) follow past powers to oblivion?

A nation is defined by its borders. No nation in history, has been able to survive without enforcing its borders. This has moved far beyond a political issue. This is a matter of national security. I rant a lot about government spending and waste, but this is an area the government needs to invest more resources into. The role of the government is not to get you a job, or provide for your retirement. The role of the government is to provide basic infrastructure, enforce laws, and protect from hostel outside forces. Our government is not doing what a government (any government) is supposed to do.

If Washington does not wake up, the locals may need to take matters into their own hands. I would not be surprised to see citizens militias patrolling the border before the summer ends. If we do not get our border under control, this will grow worse and could eventually lead to the fall of the republic. I am not overstating this; history has played this same scene time and time again. It's not a Game!



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